When you look in the mirror, do you see areas of your teeth that you do not like? Perhaps you have a chip in the front tooth that seems to stand out. You may have a filling in a back tooth that is dark. In these cases and others, it may be easy to fix the problem with dental bonding. At Lovett Dental Vintage Park, we provide a range of solutions to improve your smile, including dental bonding.

patient going through dental bonding kohrville txSafe, Effective Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a process that allows us to make repairs to various areas of the teeth. This procedure is not as invasive or as complex as some other cosmetic dental procedures. Dental bonding uses a composite resin material. This compound is somewhat flexible, and your dentist can design it to match the exact shade of your teeth. Because it is so pliable, it can be added to your tooth to fix or mask the problems with it.

For example, you may have a tooth that has a chip on it. With dental bonding, we can apply the bonding material to fill in this chipped area. We can then mold and manipulate it to create a very even, natural look to the tooth. It dries and becomes incredibly durable and allows you to use your tooth as you normally would.

The Dental Bonding Process

If you think that dental bonding could help you, schedule a consultation to come in to see us. Our team will talk to you about any concerns present and then offer solutions. Most of the time, we can complete the dental bonding process during a standard appointment, even the first time you visit. The process is simple:

  • We’ll clean the teeth to ensure all the bacteria is gone.
  • We abrade the surface to make it rough enough for the material to stick to it.
  • We add the composite material in place.
  • Using several tools, we’ll shape the material to fill in the problem area.
  • After it dries, we then polish it.

After getting dental bonding, you’ll have a like-new look again. Keep in mind that unless you tell family or friends about it, most people will not know you have had this repair done.

Do You Need Dental Bonding?

Every case is very different, but there are some instances in which dental bonding is ideal. These situations may include:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracks in teeth
  • Spots or areas of discoloration
  • Darkened fillings
  • Grooves or fissures in the teeth

In every situation, we will provide an examination to determine what type of damage you have. If you have significant damage, such as the tooth falling out, we may not be able to use dental bonding to save it. If it is brought on by severe decay, it may be best to have a tooth extraction procedure to remove the tooth. We can then choose other types of treatments to replace it, including dental implant procedures. This problem is not common, though. Many of our clients benefit from the ease of dental implants. They are also a very affordable solution for you, giving you a smile you love, even after an accident has happened or your smile has gotten dull.

Get The Smile You Want at Lovett Dental Vintage Park

Do you have a smile that you are confident to show? If not, allow our team at Lovett Dental Vintage Park to find solutions. Even if you are not sure if dental bonding is right for you, we can provide you with options. Take a moment to give us a call at 832-843-6776, or contact us online to set up an appointment time.