When you injure a tooth, you may need to have a procedure to remove the damage. Dental fillings and sealants are a secondary step to help improve the overall structural integrity of the tooth after such a procedure and to provide a long-term, better level of protection. At Lovett Dental Vintage Park, we offer a wide range of solutions for improving your smile. This service is one of them.

patient teeth with dental fillings and sealants kohrville txDental Fillings and Sealants to Fix Tooth Decay

Getting fillings and sealants is not the first step in caring for your teeth. Instead, your dentist will use them after the treatment is complete. A common reason for needing dental fillings and sealants is that a cavity present and needs treatment. Cavities are dangerous because they can aggressively worsen, causing damage to the tooth. The goal here is to avoid the need for tooth extraction procedures.

When you come in with a cavity, our team will provide an examination and then recommend the best treatment. For those with moderate to severe cavities, you may need a root canal treatment. This procedure will open up that interior space in the tooth where the decay is. It removes the infection and debris here. Often, this is what is causing your pain. Once complete, we’ll wash out the area to remove as much bacteria as possible.

However, we cannot leave that space open. This is where dental fillings come into play. The dentist adds the filling to the tooth to occupy this opening. They can manipulate the mixture enough to create a very smooth and natural look. Dental fillings and sealants can be used for other needs as well.

Why Do Dentists Use Sealants?

Dental sealants are an extra layer of protection that the dentist adds to the tooth. The dentist does this procedure after they place the fillings. They can also do it as a way to prevent this type of damage from occurring again. We often recommend sealants for those who:

  • Have a high-sugar diet (sugar feeds bacteria, causing it to flourish)
  • Have had previous dental surgical procedures
  • Are children — our pediatric dentistry services can use sealants on patients as young as 6
  • Want to minimize the risk of costly dental procedures
  • Have fillings in place already

Sealants are a layer of protection that the dentist places on top of the tooth. It can cover the entire structure, including cracks and even small fissures in the tooth that you cannot see. This process is very effective at minimizing the number of bacteria that can get into your tooth’s structure, helping to reduce the risk of further cavities.

Do You Need Dental Fillings and Sealants?

If you are unsure if dental fillings and sealants are right for you, your first step is to contact our team to learn more. Our goal is to ensure we are applying the most effective treatment for you. For many of our patients, we can recommend fillings after providing treatment for your current oral health needs, including gum disease and cavities. If you have an existing filling that is missing or is loose, we can also make repairs to that or replace it with one that gives you confidence again. Don’t put off getting the dental health care you need. We can help you.

Invest in Your Oral Health at Lovett Dental Vintage Park

Your oral health is critical. Don’t wait to get help. If you think you would benefit from dental fillings and sealants, call our team to get help. Our professionals are licensed, experienced, and dedicated to providing you with a superior level of support for all of your dental needs. Contact us online today or give us a call at 832-843-6776.