When it comes to tooth impaction, it is very common for individuals to worry about what this means. It is often diagnosed during a routine dental exam or when you have significant pain. Impacted teeth need to be removed in some cases. That is why you do not want to put off an appointment with Lovett Dental Vintage Park for help.

Why Do Impacted Teeth Develop?Diagram details what an impacted tooth looks like

Tooth impaction occurs for several reasons. Generally speaking, impacted teeth have not broken through the gumline for some reason or those that come in with significant misalignment. This can cause damage to other teeth around the impacted tooth.

  • In Children: In some cases, the adult canine teeth do not develop properly in those between the ages of 10 and 14. These teeth may be significantly out of alignment, pushing against other teeth. This is often caused by genetics. It can also be brought on by having a smaller mouth with too many teeth trying to breakthrough.
  • In Adults: Impacted teeth in those between the ages of 18 and 25 are common due to the wisdom teeth. These are teeth located all the way at the back of the mouth that emerge during this age range. They are not needed teeth, and we often encourage impacted wisdom teeth removal before they even come in to minimize risks. Genetics may play a role in impacted wisdom teeth as well.

What Can Be Done When Tooth Impaction Occurs?

If you have impacted teeth, we can often see what is occurring on your x-rays. We generally recommend that you have routine x-rays and exams to ensure we can stay on top of this problem.

  • In Children: We may recommend the use of orthodontic appliances. These can help to move the teeth and allow for the adult teeth to emerge properly. The sooner we catch this type of tooth impaction, the more likely this method will work well.
  • In Adults: Impacted teeth removal is necessary in most cases of impacted wisdom teeth. If we do not remove them, they will come in at odd angles. They will be more likely to have significant decay, infection risks, and a lot of pain. We can minimize this by removing impacted wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Impacted Teeth Removal – What Happens?

You don’t have to worry about the impacted teeth removal process. It can be very effective. Tooth impaction is often done through several steps:

  • X-rays and exams are completed. We create a plan for assessing the problem.
  • General anesthesia is used to help you feel no pain. You’ll sleep through it.
  • We will open up the gum, extract the tooth, and apply stitches to close the gap.
  • You’ll take antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.
  • The procedure often is completed in an hour or less.

You’ll find steps you have to take to ensure your smile is maintained after this point. We will provide you with recommendations for care that may include:

You’ll have a follow-up with our team if you develop any concerns from the impacted teeth removal. Most of the time, once we remove the teeth, you will see significant improvement and pain elimination.

Get the Help You Need with an Appointment at Lovett Dental Vintage Park

Impacted teeth can be treated quickly and very effectively. If you have tooth impaction occurring or know you need impacted wisdom teeth removed, let the team at Lovett Dental Vintage Park help you. With exceptional services and modern impacted teeth removal methods, we can help you smile again in no time. Call us at 832-843-6776, or contact us online for an appointment time.